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We Specialize in Residential Painting!

Interior Painting

We have extensive experience in interior painting, wallpaper removal, and drywall repair. You won't regret working with us!

Exterior painting

Your outside home painting task will be taken care of with the same professionalism and consideration.

Residential Painting

At Australian Painting, we are very proud to offer you the best residential painting service interior and exterior. We know that you have a lot of options when its time to decide what painters to use for your home. We are sure however that our services are very competitive and can stand up to other companies that charge you more and give you less.

Hire the professionals at Australian Painting for your interior or exterior painting jobs. We will visit your house and provide you a free quote to perform the job in a timely manner. Whether you are planning to sell your house or live in it, our services will add value to your house. If you have rental houses, we will work within your budget. Our team has the experience and knowledge of how to make your houses more attractive in order to increase your revenue.

Our experience staff will make sure you are satisfied with the cost of the job as well as satisfying the your needs. We have the knowledge to guide you in the decision making process from picking the right paint to the right paint colour. We will work with you so that you can describe the project in detail to come up with a very close estimate of the price of the project and the service you need.

With all our years in the market we have made a substantial clientele all of whom have been satisfied with our performance. Therefore we can deliver references upon request and since we are a fully licensed and insured business. We are a fully legitimate and professional business that will fulfill all its promises.

We don't subcontract anybody else to do our job so you are assured that when you hire someone from Australia Painting we will be the ones handling the project.

We offer a wide variety of services for any domestic or residential project like:

Exterior and Interior Painting

we can help you to choose the right colour to match your house design, also our preparation and painting experience will add more value to your property. we provide all exterior and interior painting such as Roof painting, Gutter, Eavs, walls, pergollas painting our regular preperation always apply before starting any painting work including:

  • Sanding and scraping all loose peeling paint
  • Removing dust, mould dirt
  • Sealing all gaps ,cracks and holes
  • Clean down all surfaces prior to painting

High Water Pressure Outside Washing

Which is necessary for outside walls. We will do this professionally so you don't have to worry about the integrity of your paint job.

Damage Surface Repair

Some outside surfaces can, over time, develop cracks or splits that will have to be fixed before the first coat of primer can go on. This will also ensure the integrity and longevity of the paint.

Old Paint Removal

We can also provide you with the option of removing the old paint (see our services for led paint removal) which will have to be scrubbed and scrapped.

Caulk Triming

At Australianpainting we also offer the option of re caulking your trimmings since repainting your home is a very good time to do this job.


We carry the best brand name undercoating paints in the market. These are special paint that guarantees that your top coat will look smooth and uniform. It is different to the primer in this respect. They also cover minor imperfections on your walls, also one of the most dangerous hazards for your home is moisture. Sealers guarantee that your walls will be moisture free and therefore last for longer without pealing or flaking. We carry the best top brands in the market for sealants.

Top Coat

This is the most important of the bunch. The top coat will be the final touch of this complicated process to make your house look beautiful, and add more value. Hire the professionals at Australian Painting and maintenance services.


One of the most dangerous hazards for your home is moisture. Sealers guarantee that your walls will be moisture free and therefore last for longer with out pealing or flaking. We carry the best top brands in the market for sealants.

Specialist Finishes

Like color washes for example lime, cement based finishes, sponging, marbling, metallic and others.