Painting Services

Australian Painting and maintenance services is a company that is based on customer satisfaction therefore we offer a variety of services to cover most of our client interior and exterior painting needs. We offer services for any type of structure whether it be a small apartment or a big commercial building and everything in between. We pride ourselves in being versatile and giving our clients the best possible professional work. Our clientele includes private clients, insurance companies, real state agents, shopfitters, commercial developers and others.

Outside and Inside Acrylic Paint

There are many advantages to using acrylic paint, some of these are that acrylics will adhere to many types of surfaces unlike some of its predecessors, they are also very flexible so it will expand and contract with your house. Other advantages are that it breaths which means that it will let excess moisture out which otherwise would cause blistering, and others.

Outside and Inside Oil Based Paint

It has it's own advantages like going on smoother and since it's thicker it covers better with less coats. Oil based paints also shrinks less than other types of paint, it takes longer to dry so you'll have a lot of time to finish the job with out unevenness. It is very durable so it works well in high traffic areas.

Special Finishes

Like color washes like lime, cement based finishes, sponging, marbling, metallic and others.

Texture Coating

We carry all brands of texture coating and we can apply them with a brush, roller or towel. We are specialist in smooth wall finishes, Orange peel interior, Slap brush texture, Faux suede finish, Mud Trowel an others.

Water Proofing

We work with all major brands of water proofing materials. We can treat basements, roofs, and wherever moisture is causing a problem currently or could cause a problem in the future. The flexible membrane of our products will cover cracks or seams that will prevent water from coming into your house.

Plastering and Rendering

We offer a wide variety of plastering and rendering services like traditional plastering, floor screeding and coving and others. Everything with the guarantee of cleanliness and timeliness.