Maintenance Services

Lead paint, present in old houses can be a real hazard when it becomes detached from the walls. It is extremely dangerous for children if ingested and it is also very poisonous for grown ups. A professional is required to deal with this potential hazard and we are at your services with our professional team that will make sure your home is not hiding a deadly trap for you and yours.

Lead Paint Removal

There are many advantages to using acrylic paint, some of these are that acrylics will adhere to many types of surfaces unlike some of its predecessors, they are also very flexible so it will expand and contract with your house. Other advantages are that it breaths which means that it will let excess moisture out which otherwise would cause blistering, and others.

Wood Treatment

We provide staining and varnishing services for your wooden fixtures. We also have a wide variety of treatments for above as well as bellow ground wood treatments. We also offer a wide variety of oils that will make your wood less absorbent by bonding to the wood fibers.

Handyman Service

We do all kinds of general maintenance around your home. You can call us to fix what ever needs to be fixed. Since our personnel is highly qualified as a tradesman, most small jobs will be easy to fix. In case a more complicated job will arise, we can refer you to one of your associates that will be able to do the more complicated job for you.

High Pressure Water Cleaning

This is a service that is provided not only for preparing the walls for undercoating and priming. It can also be used as a maintenance procedure where we'll give new life to your facilities by removing dirt and other contaminants.

Schedule Maintenance Painting

We can agree to a regular maintenance schedule that will help keep your installations looking great while being protected so they'll last longer. They can be tailor made for your property which in the long run will save you money.

Expansion Joint Repair

In very dry and hot weather expansion joints are very important to maintain the structural integrity of the property. A neglected expansion joint could deform and cause structural damages that can be very expensive to fix. We are qualified to perform minor repairs on parapets or roof joints.

Leak Repair

If your ceiling suddenly springs a leak we are here for you 24/7. We can also schedule inspections to keep ahead of zones that are prone to spring leaks.

Refinishing and Installing Wood Work

The addition of wooden work to an area can make it look regal, but if your furnishings fall on disrepair they just don't send the right message to your guests. At Australian painting we offer staining and refinishing wood work to help your business always look its best.

General Carpentary

If it squeaks or does not want to stay put, give us a call. We can handle most minor general carpentry repairs.

Tile Replacement

For bathrooms in individual rooms, common areas such as pools and dressers.

Sealent Replacement

If you have a defective sealant it is possible that your property is in danger. Moisture can cause thousands of dollars in damages, so always stay ahead of water damage by replacing sealants.

Crack Repairs

This types of repairs are not only cosmetic, they are needed to keep the integrity of the structure in check.