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Industrial Painters: Your Trusted Partner for a Wide Range of Industrial Painting Projects

With over a decade of specialized expertise in epoxy coatings and a well-established reputation for excellence, Sydney Industrial Painters is unquestionably your top choice for any industrial project in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia. Our company is committed to providing safe and timely solutions that cater to the needs of both government and commercial clients, making us the preferred industrial painting company in the region.
Our extensive portfolio of completed projects serves as a testament to our capabilities. We have successfully undertaken diverse assignments for esteemed commercial clients, including local councils and government bodies. Our exceptional track record showcases our industrial painters Sydney ability to deliver outstanding results, regardless of project size or complexity.
At best painters in Sydney, safety takes precedence above all else. We recognize the significance of adhering to strict regulations and industry standards in all our industrial projects. Our highly skilled team possesses specialized expertise in working with lead-containing paint products, ensuring utmost safety, precision, and effective risk management. Furthermore, we offer cutting-edge lead removal systems that address historical or industry-related lead-based paints without generating hazardous lead dust through sanding or scraping.


wallpaper installation

We have experience in all types of wallpaper installation and removal. We can transform a room from boring to beautiful. 

Before deciding on the best approach to removing wallpaper, it’s important to know the type of wall covering and the type of wall surface underneath. Australian Painting has the experience and knowledge to provide all types of wallpaper services.


brand adherence
If you’re part of a franchise or just want to maintain the integrity of your brand, precise color matching is essential. Our experts guarantee a 100% match with your brand’s colors.


If you have a defective sealant, it is possible that your property is in danger from moisture. 

Moisture can seep in and cause extensive and expensive damage to your home, so it is important to stay ahead of the situation by replacing any sealants that may have begun to wear down or become compromised.


crack replacement

These types of repairs are not only cosmetic, they are a necessary part of maintaining the structural integrity of the building. 

Without them, the building could become weakened and vulnerable to potential damage or collapse. Therefore, making sure that these repairs are done in a timely and professional manner is essential in order to protect the safety of the building and its inhabitants.


Crack Repairs Industrial Painting

The top coat will be the final touch of this complicated process to make your house look beautiful, and add more value.It is different to the primer in this respect. 

They also cover minor imperfections on your walls, also one of the most dangerous hazards for your home is moisture. Sealers guarantee that your walls will be moisture free and therefore last for longer without pealing or flaking. We carry the best top brands in the market for sealants.


room refurbishment

Need a face lift or complete stripping for your room? We guarantee fast, good work that fits your budget. We understand everyone has different needs and strive to provide the best service. 

Our industrial painters Sydney are dedicated to helping you create a space that’s comfortable, stylish, and reflects your personal taste.


In very dry and hot weather, expansion joints are essential for maintaining the structural integrity of a property. 

Neglecting an expansion joint can lead to deformation and costly structural damage. We are qualified to carry out minor repairs on parapets and roof joints.


leak repair

If your ceiling suddenly springs a leak, don’t panic – we are here for you 24/7. We specialize in emergency repair services, so you can rest assured that your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently. 

We can also schedule regular inspections of your roof and ceiling to help identify any areas that are prone to leaks, allowing us to take preventive measures before any damage is done.


drywall pastering

With our professional color consultants, you can be sure that we can perfectly match any color you desire or is present in your logos. 

We understand how important it is for the colors to be an exact match, which is why we strive to ensure that you get the exact color you need.


Refinishing Wood Work Industrial Painting

Adding wooden furniture to a space can give it a regal look. However, if the furniture is in disrepair, it won’t give the right impression to your guests. 

At Australian Painting, our industrial painters Sydney offer staining and refinishing services to ensure your business always looks its best.


If it’s squeaking, won’t stay in place, or is otherwise causing a problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We specialize in general carpentry repairs, and we’re confident that we can handle most minor issues that you may be having. 

Don’t let a minor carpentry issue become a major problem – give us a call today, and we’ll make sure the problem is solved quickly, efficiently, and with minimal hassle.


steel painting

Structures that are composed of different materials can be a daunting challenge for other painting outfits, but here at our company, we strive to take on even the most difficult tasks. 

We are confident that our team of experienced professionals can handle any job, regardless of the complexity of the structure or material.


line marking

For all of your interior and exterior needs, we have an extensive level of experience in delineating zones. Our team is highly skilled in creating parking lines, safety lines and any other type of line that may be required. 

We ensure that all lines are precise and accurate, providing the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.

Why Choose Sydney Australian Painters?

Our Remarkable Track Record Speaks Volumes. Over the past five decades, we have consistently managed and successfully completed painting projects that have left an indelible mark on Sydney’s industrial landscape. Notably, our contributions to iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and our pivotal role in leading development projects like the Cross City Tunnel showcase our extensive experience in industrial painting.

Industrial painting is crucial in maintaining a building’s look, functions, and durability, especially for industries. There are many factors to be considered when selecting a painting company for industrial projects, like expertise, safety, and dependence. Australian Painting, one of the best industrial painters Sydney is preferred for industrial painting due to our commitment to providing safe, timely, high-quality solutions. With over 10+ years of specialized experience and a proven track record, Australian Painting is the leader in the industry.

Safety And Timeliness:

Safety is essential for any industrial painting project. Australian Painting ensures safety at each stage of the painting process, whether the regulations and safety laws are followed properly or not. We employ experienced industrial painters Sydney who are trained to identify potential risks and implement effective safety methods to overcome them.

Moreover, Australian Painting is known for delivering projects within specified timelines without compromising quality. When undertaking government or commercial clients, we understand the importance of completing projects on time to reduce disruptions in operations. This commitment to maintaining timeline and efficiency has earned Australian Painting a reputation as the go-to industrial painting company in the region.

Expertise In Field:

With over a decade of experience in industrial painting, Australian Painting brings knowledge and skills to every project. Our well-trained industrial painters Sydney stay updated with industry trends, materials, and technologies, ensuring that we remain ahead in this field and deliver quality results for our clients.

Australian Painting has the expertise to handle diverse industrial painting needs and requirements. We also understand the unique concerns that develop in different environments and surfaces and offer personalized solutions to address these challenges effectively. Australian Painting has completed projects across various industrial sectors like warehouses, factories, refineries and many more showcasing our professionalism and efficiency.

Excellent Track Record:

A painting company’s track record speaks volumes about its achievements and capability. Australian Painting has an exceptional track record, with many successful project completions and client satisfaction. Our portfolio includes various industrial painting projects with unique concerns and challenges. However, with our team of experienced painters, we deliver outstanding results despite project size & concerns.

Our approach for every project regardless the size is at the same level of and attention to detail. We are committed to excellence, and it is seen in every step of our painting process. The quality of our work and materials we use speak about our passion for the field as they stand against the time despite the changing weather conditions.

Expertise In Handling Lead-Containing Paints:

Industrial painting projects often use lead-containing paint products, which need professional  handling to make sure safety and adherence with regulations. Australian Painting’s highly skilled industrial painters Sydney has the expertise and experience to safely and effectively work with lead-containing paints. Strict rules are followed to minimize the risk of lead exposure and make sure workers’ and occupants’ health and safety.

By employing best practices in lead paint management, Australian Painting ensures that projects are completed with precision and attention to detail. The company invests in training and equipping its team with the required tools and protective gear to handle lead-containing paints responsibly. This commitment to safety and risk management sets Australian Painting apart as a trusted partner for industrial painting projects.

Rest assured, when you choose Sydney Industrial Painters, you can expect top-notch quality, timely project delivery, and tailored solutions that perfectly align with your organization’s operational requirements. We are also the best painters in Northern Beaches, Penrith, Newcastle, and other suburbs by delivering quality painting solutions and adhering to compliance.