Hotel Painting

The Hospitality industry has its own very specific needs when dealing with painting projects. Whether the renovation, redesign or refurbished of paint jobs is needed, Australian painting is your best option. We are very proud to offer a service that is specifically design for Hotels, Motels and others in the hospitality business.

We know that you don't want to close your business for a few days while refurbishing a single room, common area, hallways or building, so we guarantee a job that is unobtrusive, and that is done on time and on budget. We are highly mindful of your guest's privacy and more importantly: Their property. We plan our painting project to work around you and your staff, our main goal is not to be a hurdle to the hotel's daily operations by minimizing inconveniences.

Hotel painting requires a very specific set of skills because it contains so many different areas with a specific use, such as bars, pools, retail shops, rooms, etc. So, only a highly qualified service provider such as Australian Painting would carry out the job with speed and cleanliness that is needed.

For your convenience we also offer a flexible schedule to accommodate all types of emergencies or shut down time windows.

Wallpapering Installation

We have experience in all type of wallpapering Installation and removal, We change the room from boring to beautiful. But before you can determine the best approach to removing wallpaper, you need to know the type of wall covering and the type of wall surface that's under the wallpaper, Australian painting and maintenance service has the experience and the knowldge in all wallpapering services.

Brand Adherence

If you are part of a franchise or just want to maintain the integrity of your brand, a precise color match is needed. We have experts that can guaranty a 100 percent color match with the colors of your brand.

Sealant Replacement

If you have a defective sealant it is possible that your property is in danger. Moisture can cause thousands of dollars in damages, so always stay ahead of water damage by replacing sealants.

Crack Repairs

This types of repairs are not only cosmetic, they are needed to keep the integrity of the structure in check.

Room Refurbishment

Whether you want a face lift for your rooms or a complete stripping we guarantee a good and fast job with in your budget. You can also check out our periodic room refurbishment contracts.

Expansion Joint Repair

In very dry and hot weather expansion joints are very important to maintain the structural integrity of the property. A neglected expansion joint could deform and cause structural damages that can be very expensive to fix. We are qualified to perform minor repairs on parapets or roof joints.

Leak Repair

If your ceiling suddenly springs a leak we are here for you 24/7. We can also schedule inspections to keep ahead of zones that are prone to spring leaks.

Drywall, Plaster Wall and Ceiling Painting

With professional color consultants we are sure to match any color you want or is present in your logos.

Refinishing and Installing Wood Work

The addition of wooden work to an area can make it look regal, but if your furnishings fall on disrepair they just don't send the right message to your guests. At Australian painting we offer staining and refinishing wood work to help your business always look its best.

General Carpentry

If it squeaks or does not want to stay put, give us a call. We can handle most minor general carpentry repairs.

Steel Painting

Structures that are of different materials might pose a threat to other painting outfits, we thrive on challenges.

Line Marking

For all your interior and exterior needs, we have a lot of experience delineating zones. Whether it is for parking, safety or any other type of line we are your best option.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!